* Laser power: 60W(80W Laser tube optional)
* Size of platform: 1000x600mm
* Engraving area: 970x580mm
* Appearance size: 1430x1100x950mm
* Engraving speed: 50-50000mm/min
* Cutting speed: <18000mm/min
* Cutting thickness: <20mm
* Positioning precision: ±0.01mm
* Support file format: AI.BMP.PLT.DXF.DST
* Minimum shaping characters: English height: 1.5 mm
* Power of machine: <1250W
* Electric lift platform: Adjustable height: 350mm
* Auxiliary rotary device: Optional
* Structure of machine: Detachable


Dostupni su i modeli: MBL-G1616, MBL-G1612, MBL-G1490