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* Print head: Konica512/14PL
* Resolution dpi: 960×1440
* Number of print heads: 6 pcs
* Number of nozzle     6×512
* Color: 6 colors –CYMKLmLc(+W)
* Shade of color: 16.7million
* Media size: 2.4m
* Max size of printing: 2.4mx1.2m
* Printing speed of Max resolution: 55m2/h
* Average working speed: 40m2/h
* Software: YSprintUVsp
* Software platform: Windows2000, XP
* Ink: UV ink
* Voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz<15A * Temperature: 20-27oC * Humidity: 40%-65% * Size of the machine: 4200×2000×1500 * Weight: 1800kgs * Locating system: Magnetic encoder ruler * Negative press system: Yes * Cloth-holding system: controlled by air motion * Cleaning method of print head: Automatic ink-pressing cleaning * Drying system: Dried by uv system * Warranty period: One year * File format: Adapt to commonly used image file form * Type of media: Vinyl, paper, PVC, Fabric, Meshcloth, glass, ceramic board, wood board ,etc. * Media Thickness: The maximum thickness is 50mm

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